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Katie Maze, Platform Program Manager

Whether it is implementing efficient organizational programs, communicating with large teams in different departments, or ensuring people meet their deadlines, Katie takes Sakuu projects to the finish line with her motivating attitude and unique skillset. 

How do you feel about being a Sakuu employee?


Sakuu is an inherently innovative company given our goal to forge a new, reliable, sustainable battery manufacturing method. I take pride in working towards making this goal a reality. As a program manager, I have the opportunity to work alongside the talented teams of geniuses that make up Sakuu. I truly enjoy being the bridge between these great minds and managing them to ensure completion. 

What’s on your mind at work right now and what are your current goals at Sakuu?


Turning the many products we or our customers develop into printable solutions is what’s always occupying my mind since I started working at Sakuu. My current goals are to ensure the team hits all of the deliverables according to the target timelines set. 

What are must-have skills for a Program Manager at Sakuu?


The most important skills for a program manager are persistence, understanding, and organization. As program managers, we are here to push our teams to complete the many things needed to achieve our goals. Persistence and passion to complete projects can be infectious across teams and having a strong understanding of each other’s responsibilities sets forth the ideal organizational culture of empathy and progress-oriented thinking. 

Traits of Sakuuers


According to Katie, every Sakuuer is:

Every employee at Sakuu is and needs to be open-minded. Sakuu has several experts from varying disciplines ranging from material science to product design. In order to function as a unified body, we all need to be open-minded and learn from each other. 

Going back to varied discipline thought, with the overarching goal of reinventing manufacturing for sustainability, Sakuu employees have the rare opportunity to collaborate and tinker on a multitude of different tasks. 

Printing batteries is something that has never been done. Having the right skills and knowledge is only half of the story. To innovate and build something that has never been built before, we need determination. 

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