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Sakuu’s Dry Printed and UN38.3 Certified Li-Metal Batteries

Sakuu®, a leading provider of commercial-scale equipment and technologies to the battery manufacturing industry, has manufactured its high-energy, high-power Li-Metal Cypress battery cell using a fully dry manufacturing process.

Sakuu has overcome the industry known challenges of Li-Metal anode chemistries in both wet and dry electrode manufacturing, as proven in its commercial-grade battery cells delivering today:

  • 1,000 cycles at 100% DoD to 80% SOH @ 0.3C/1C
  • 800+ Wh/l Energy Density of active cell area
  • 3C Sustained Discharge, 10C Peak, with full recovery
  • 8C Pulse Discharge

Sakuu is reshaping the landscape of battery manufacturing through comprehensive process and product disruption. A recent analyst report from S&P Global indicated that Sakuu's targeted energy density is expected to set a new standard in the industry for battery-cell energy density. Cypress has also recently achieved UN38.3 certification.

“The biggest challenge in battery manufacturing today is producing next generation batteries cost-effectively at scale to meet demand,” said Robert Bagheri, CEO and Founder of Sakuu. “Manufacturing Cypress in a fully dry process with the Kavian platform is a key step in enabling high-quality solid-state batteries to be produced in high volume in the future. Leveraging dry printing will enable battery technology innovation to accelerate the adoption of EV’s while eliminating range anxiety.”

Printing batteries on the Kavian platform with dry-process electrode technologies:

  • Eliminates all toxic solvents and materials, including NMP and PTFEs
  • Cuts factory floor space requirements up to 33%
  • Reduces utility costs up to 40%
  • Improves factory carbon footprints up to 40%

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