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Tara Foroozan, Senior R&D Battery Engineer

After several Li-metal battery patents and publications during her research at the University of Illinois’ Ph.D. program and working as an application engineer in the semiconductor industry, Tara now finds herself developing high-performance printed batteries at Sakuu.

How does your role as Senior R&D battery engineer push Sakuu closer to its goals?


Sakuu hopes to bring reliability to a dynamic space like battery manufacturing. I work on integrating our well-developed battery chemistry with the state-of-the-art battery manufacturing techniques on the Kavian platform enabling us to bring groundbreaking processes and ultimate reliability to battery manufacturing. 

What’s on your mind at work right now? 


We are a large family with a shared goal. My success is Sakuu's and Sakuu's success is mine, so we move forward at full power!

What excites you about developing the next best-in-class battery?


Being in such a hot and high-demand field as batteries, any step forward is a breakthrough. Indeed, having the opportunity of being part of the development team for the next best-in-class batteries brings me great excitement.

According to you, how does Sakuu contribute to bettering the planet?


Sakuu's sustainable battery manufacturing mission is inherently motivated to eliminate the planet’s dependencies on non-renewable sources of energy. Being a part of the development team of the first-ever fully printed ultra-high-capacity Li-metal batteries with minimized materials and energy waste assures me that Sakuu is at the forefront of building tranformational energy solutions for a better planet. 

A Day at Sakuu


A day at Sakuu is busy and rewarding. I have the opportunity to both learn and contribute. Attending meetings and brainstorming with experts is an important part of my responsibility and I definitely enjoy it.  

Working with all the wonderful people at Sakuu makes each day interesting and exciting. I have coworkers and managers that are highly professional, experienced, and generous. Every member of my team is passionate about what we are working on, brilliant in their unique way, and helpful to one another. 

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