The World's First Manufacturing Platform for Printing Battery Electrodes

To all battery innovators: Begin developing your next generation of solutions. Regionalize your supply chains. Print batteries without toxic solvents or wasted materials. Change the game.

Kavian® Platform

Sakuu’s dry-process manufacturing innovations include the first fully functional printed lithium-metal battery, the first printed and patterned lithium-metal anode, and the first printed lithium-metal battery in a custom form factor. The Kavian platform is advancing battery manufacturing.

Scaling Manufacturing Sustainability

Reduce material waste, energy consumption, supply-chain issues, and carbon emissions by adding Sakuu’s dry-process Kavian platform to your current manufacturing operations.

Li-Metal Cell Chemistry Now Available

Sakuu’s Cypress™ lithium metal cell chemistry is now available for manufacturing license. Cypress delivers a combination of impressive performance characteristics for innovative battery manufacturers, notably:

  • High power: 8C peak, 10C pulse, 3C continuous discharge
  • Cycle Life: 1000 Cycles 100% DoD to 80% SOH
  • Energy density: 800+ Wh/l

Cypress Lithium Metal Technology available today.

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