Solid-State Batteries,
Printed and Delivered.

Welcome to a new era in energy storage and manufacturing. 

Printed Energy Perfection

Sakuu’s Swift Print™ solid-state battery cells can provide best-in-class performance, customizability, and safety for electric vehicles, e-mobility, and a wide range of energy storage applications.

Lithium Metal sample cells shipping in 2023

Batteries that Accelerate Industries

Sakuu is pioneering 3D printed battery cells manufactured in a novel, rapid, mass-scale, and sustainable manner. Our Kavian™ platform and Swift Print™ cells can transform industries—and how they power their products.

A Better Way to Build Batteries

The Kavian™ platform reinvents battery manufacturing. Solid-state batteries can be manufactured rapidly and sustainably to meet global demand. 

A Seismic Shift for the Planet

Our innovations reduce material use, energy consumption, supply-chain dependency, and carbon emissions. Pivot away from fossil fuels towards a new paradigm of energy. 

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We need highly talented and enthusiastic minds to join our mission. Help transform electric mobility, energy storage, and manufacturing—for a healthier planet.

Power with Sakuu

Join the Sakuu solid-state battery revolution. Learn how our superior standard in battery technology and manufacturing can power large industries.