Swift Print

The Ultimate Battery

Sakuu’s Swift Print™ solid-state battery cells are designed to provide best-in-class performance, safety, and customizability for electric vehicles and mass-market energy storage applications.

Lithium-Metal Sample Cells Shipping in 2023



100% greater capacity or 50% smaller versus leading Li-ion batteries.


Increased cycle life versus the leading Li-ion batteries.


Non-flammable and stable under industry-standard criteria and certifications.

Charge Time

Ultra-fast: charge to 80% in under 15 minutes.

Powder to

Majority of total battery materials is recyclable and reusable.


Dramatic savings in material use, production, supply chain, and labor.

Swift Print™ Production

Rapid, high-volume production with the Kavian platform in factory settings of any size.


Custom shapes and sizes for broad consumer and industrial applications.

The New Standard

Go farther. Charge faster. Be safer. Replace less. 

Higher Capacity

Double the energy density of leading Li-ion cells. 

100% greater capacity; 50% smaller and over 40% lighter than leading Li-ion cells.

Effective proprietary stacked structure via Kavian manufacturing.

Complex integrated structure results in increased capacity.​

Thinner structural layers enable higher energy density.

Fast Charge Times

Ultra-fast: charge to 80% in under 15 minutes.

Up to 4.5x times faster than leading Li-ion cells. 

Lowest resistance with thinnest manufacturable solid electrolytes.

High temperature tolerance of solid components enhances battery safety.

Longer Life

Solid-state electrolyte materials proven to exceed commercial cycle life requirements.

Solid-state electrolyte composition avoids pitfalls of liquid reactions.

Safe and Non-Flammable

Non-flammable and stable under industry standard criteria and certifications.

Superior safety over leading Li-ion cells.

Proprietary non-toxic solid electrolyte materials.

Industry-Leading Energy Density

First-generation non-printed Lithium Metal energy density achievements—and beyond. The roadmap to the world’s first Swift Print™ ultra energy dense solid-state battery.


77 Patents

Granted and Applied: Material, Process, and Manufacturing

100+ Trade Secrets

Critical Chemistry and Process Intellectual Property

7 Years

Research and Development Investment

2 Gigafactories

Anticipated to Break Ground in 2024

Transformative Battery Manufacturing

Kavian™ printing can solve the challenges of manufacturing state-of-the-art batteries at-scale by pioneering radical innovations in process and product.

Swift Print™

Mass Volume


Reduced Costs

Custom Battery Shapes and Sizes

A new paradigm is born. Swift Print™ solid-state batteries can become an integral design component—in any form or size. Product design will never be the same.

Maximum performance filling previous 'dead space' with ultra-energy density battery contours and angles, thereby improving product performance and longevity.

Custom shape possibilities that make batteries easy and effective to integrate into product design. No longer is there a need to design around, or for, traditionally shaped batteries. 

Custom size possibilities allow ultra-high-energy density batteries as thin as credit cards to power a new class of portable devices with a minimal form factor. 

“Sakuu’s batteries, engineered and printed in such a novel way, are poised to have a major impact on global transportation—thereby helping to reverse climate change.”

—Evan Horetsky
Battery Factory / Sustainability Tech Leader

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