Sakuu (previously KeraCel) was founded in 2016 by CEO Robert Bagheri. Please visit our Company section for a complete historical timeline.

Sakuu operates a pilot facility serving pre-existing client battery orders. Sakuu anticipates breaking ground on two planned Gigawatt factories in 2023 to start mass-producing energy storage solutions at-scale. Future Gigawatt factories will be added around the world to stay on track for Sakuu's 80GWh target total annual cell output. Contact us to discuss your company's energy storage needs, or other novel large-scale manufacturing projects via the Kavian platform.

Manufacturing Platform

Swift Print™ refers to the process of printing batteries at a rapid pace, at-scale, as pioneered by Sakuu. This novel and disruptive additive manufacturing process is enabled by Sakuu's groundbreaking Kavian platform, a first-of-its-kind production scale platform that can print ceramic, glass, metals, and polymer— in the same layer, and is ideally suited for printing batteries, and other complex active devices. Conventionally slow additive manufacturing performs every step in series. Whereas Kavian performs all steps in parallel, which is a streamlined and more efficient model that saves cost, labor, and time.

Less raw material is required for cell production due to Kavian's inherent manufacturing (printing) efficiencies. Materials used on the Kavian platform can be locally sourced and processed reducing excessive pollution associated with supply chains and shipping. The Kavian platform is also engineered to recycle and reuse all the excess materials. Finally, a factory floor with Kavian platforms utilizes on average 44% less factory space when compared to traditional roll-to-roll lithium-ion battery manufacturing.

The Kavian platform uses a proprietary combination of printing techniques to enable multi-material printing. While Sakuu is focused on printing solid-state batteries for nearly limitless applications as its core focus, the Kavian platform can also be calibrated to prototype or mass-produce any type of complex devices made from ceramics, glass, metals, and polymers.

Compared to roll-to-roll lithium-ion battery manufacturing, Kavian platform manufacturing can reduce the overall size of a battery factory by 44%, lower CapEx costs by 23%, reduce the required number of process steps by 69%, and lower overall manufacturing costs by 33%. 


Sakuu's proprietary battery structure enables safe/non-flammable, ultra high energy density batteries across all applications. Additionally, up to 4.5x times faster charging than leading Li-ion cells coupled longer cycle life allows Sakuu batteries to be used more often for a longer time. Please visit our Batteries page to learn more.

Sakuu batteries use proprietary non-toxic solid electrolyte materials that are non-flammable and stable under industry standard criteria and certifications.

Sakuu's printed batteries create thinner layers using less material. Printing enables better interfaces and the ability to accommodate custom shapes and sizes. Printing also noticeably further increases sustainability and cost efficiencies in regards to CapEx, factory footprint utilization, product costs, and at-scale production volumes. Visit our Manufacturing and Sustainability sections to learn more

Sakuu’s safe and best-in-class batteries can be utilized by nearly every industry and product class. Visit our Industries page to learn more.