Our Company

Sakuu is reinventing battery manufacturing and technology via total process and product disruption.

In process, batteries can be rapid printed from the transformative Kavian™ platform in gigafactory settings, which enables mass-scale, cost-effective, and sustainable production to meet global cell demand.

In product, our Swift Print™ solid-state batteries can deliver best-in-class performance and safety in a recyclable and customizable format. Proprietary cell technologies can provide superior energy densities for broad industry applications. 

The big picture impact of our manufacturing and battery technology is profound. 

Our Mission

To power the renewable energy revolution with industry-leading batteries printed from the world’s most sustainable manufacturing platform. 



Manufacturing: Kavian D-1000 platform prints advanced active device. 

Sakuu opens 79,000 square foot Kavian platform development facility in San Jose, California. 


Battery: 3Ah cells ship to clients worldwide in Q4.

Battery: 1000mAh solid-state battery powers drone flight.

KeraCel rebrands to Sakuu.

$50M Series A funding round.


Battery: World’s first 3D printed ceramic battery developed.


Battery: World’s first multi-material, multi-process printing of an electrical device. 

Manufacturing: Developed first ever multi-material, multi-process platform.


Materials: First material set for electro-chemical device developed.


Battery: First patent filed for solid-state battery structure. 


KeraCel is founded by CEO and Chairman Robert Bagheri in San Jose, California—later to become Sakuu. Bagheri infuses the process and rigor learned from multiple successful ventures in the semiconductor industry into pioneering mass-scale state-of-the-art battery technology and printing.

Partners and Investors

We partner with established and emerging leaders to bring our vision of high-volume, sustainably printed batteries to industries worldwide.