Dream It Build It With SakuÚ


Life at SakuÚ


Sakuu is looking for people that want to transform manufacturing, and enable our customers to build the devices they dream up using the worlds first multi-material multi-process AM platform.

Our offices and labs are energetic and fast-paced workplaces where we want employees to feel at home. We encourage them to feel like Sakuu is their own company and that the material, battery or platform technology they work on is also their own.

We enjoy our highly collaborative environment. Despite our relentless passion to innovate, and our unending desire to tackle the next design challenge, we know how to lay back and have fun together. All of our employees' accomplishments matter a lot to us and we celebrate them all accordingly.

Be at the Forefront of a New Technology

Sakuu is working on new and unique manufacturing technologies that keep all of our employees intellectually stimulated.

The applications of our platform are endless. This versatility enables our employees to engage with a myriad of industries ranging from healthcare to automotive. So, there will always be new endeavors to explore at Sakuu.

Ideas are our currency for change. We want people with fresh ideas to solve novel challenges in engineering and materials. We swear by the Dream it Build it mindset and are looking for dreamers who want to build a new frontier of additive manufacturing. 

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Carla Becker

Product Engineer & Project Manager

I always wanted to work at a company that both stimulated my intellectual interest and has a positive impact on society and Sakuu is exactly that.


Ali Modjtahedi

Manager-Battery Cell Development

Sakuu is a fast-paced environment to gain new experiences and challenge your horizons with a great opportunity to grow.


Marcos Julio

Material Characterization Tech

Sakuu is a very exciting place to work where every day there’s something new to learn.

Sustainability Commitment


Just like our employees we are ethically motivated to enhance sustainability on our planet.

Our platform will allow you to interact with new and unique forms of Additive Manufacturing technology that wastes less and recycles more materials on the production lines. Moreover, we are targeting to have a minimum of 80% of our own facility’s energy requirements be fulfilled through renewable sources.



We Are Diverse and Inclusive


Diversity is not just corporate pledge for us, we are certain it is essential for our success.

Experiencing the world through varied lenses helps us tackle challenges in new ways. Sakuu is a family that is inclusive of all races, cultures, sexualities, genders, viewpoints, styles and backgrounds. We look forward to learning about and from your unique perspectives.

Perks and Benefits

Competitive Pay

Medical, Dental and Vision Benefits

Eco-friendly Premises

Stock Options

401(k) Plan

Ideal Mix of Lab and Desk

Generous Paid Time Off

Collaborative Environment with Opportunities to Advance

Fun-Loving Community