Battery Manufacturing Reinvented

Sakuu’s Kavian™ platform is designed to set a new standard in manufacturing. It can enable high-volume, automated, and cost-effective production of current and next generation battery cells—in any size or shape.

It’s the groundbreaking solution capable of meeting global demand for our first-in-class printed batteries.


Designed for Scale

Rapid, high-volume printing for maximum cost reductions and meeting global demand.

Less Dependent on Supply Chain

Minimal dependencies for faster manufacture and delivery.

Multi-Material Parallel Printing

Print with ceramic, glass, metals, polymer— in the same layer.

Streamlined Factory

Delivers reductions in CapEx, energy consumption, and labor.

Agile and Modular

Build active devices: solid-state batteries, microfluidics and IoT devices.

Minimal Material Waste

Print essential materials, reuse excess materials, and eliminate tooling.

AI Quality Control

Independent and integrated layer inspection using Artificial Intelligence.

Kavian Platform Manufacturing

High-volume, cost-effective, and sustainable printing of next-generation cells.

Sakuu's manufacturing solution is designed to supply broad industries with state-of-the-art next generation battery cells printed at scale from Kavian™ platform machines.

Compared with roll-to-roll battery manufacturing, Kavian™ innovation has the potential to slash manufacturing costs across all critical categories, while ushering in commercial scale sustainable battery manufacturing.

Total reinvention awaits. 

Sakuu Technology Deployment

Powering the electric world with next-generation battery manufacturing and cell licensing. 



Energy Producing

Pilot Line Facility. San Jose, California.

IDIn Development
EPEnergy Producing

The Kavian™ platform has the potential to transform battery manufacturing. It aims to smash the supply chain and overturn the impediments of high-volume battery manufacturing. Batteries can be printed rapidly, efficiently, and sustainably. Raw material enters one end, and a fully functioning battery exits the other. It’s the watershed invention for mass-scale renewable energy storage production.


Dry powder material in, batteries out. Manufacture your batteries in any shape and size. Gigafactory floors are in constant and sustainable battery production.


Kavian™ uses multiple processes on one platform to produce fully functioning batteries. Multistage, integrated quality checks at each layer minimize the risk of error.


Repeatable manufacturing processes execute on each platform within a gigafactory landscape. 


Sakuu-connected software ensures seamless connectivity between the platform’s different stations. AI ensures that each battery meets the highest qualifications. 


Economization of raw battery material is integral to Kavian™ production. Less material is used because it is collected and recycled in the manufacturing process. 

Spotlight on Kavian Process Stations


Powder Deposition

Powder is deposited in designated pattern onto the transport substrate and automated WEB.


Powder Conditioning

The pattern then undergoes multiple stages to prepare it for polymer and metal deposition.


Layer Inspection

At multiple points, the layer is inspected to ensure no defects can be found. 


Binder Jetting

Polymer binder is deposited onto the layer.


Metal Ink Jetting

Conductive metal is deposited onto the layer.  



The layers are then stacked together.

"When we look back in time we can expect Sakuu to be synonymous with forever transforming battery technology and energy storage. The impact on business, the supply chain, and the environment will be profound.” 

—Hassane El-Khoury, CEO of onsemi


We need highly talented and enthusiastic minds to join our mission. Help transform manufacturing, and energy storage - for a healthier planet.

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