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Sakuu as Featured in “This startup can 3D print a battery into any shape you want: Its solid-state batteries may be the holy grail of the industry.”

“Inside the Silicon Valley factory of a startup called Sakuu, a new type of 3D printer is reinventing how batteries are made. The technique, which prints using thin layers of powder, can change what the batteries look like—imagine an e-bike battery that curves to fit the frame of a bike, or a cellphone battery that’s shaped to fill every gap around the circuit board, making the phone last longer before it needs another charge. But 3D printing also enables what’s often called the holy grail of the industry: Solid-state batteries.” as featured in Fast Company.

“Many people have built cells in the lab, but they have not been able to scale,” says Sakuu CEO and founder Robert Bagheri. “Our vision started with that scalability in mind.”

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