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Sakuu Collaborates with Livent on Application of LIOVIX® Printable Lithium Formulation for Next-Generation Printed Batteries

SAN JOSE, CA – (April 20, 2023) – (BUSINESS WIRE)—Sakuu Corporation (“Sakuu”), a transformative additive manufacturing and solid-state battery technology company, and inventor of the disruptive Kavian™ platform for the commercial-scale production of next-generation SwiftPrint™ batteries and other complex active devices, announces promising results from its ongoing testing of a novel printable lithium formulation from Livent for use in Sakuu’s 3D printed batteries. Sakuu is collaborating with Livent Corporation (“Livent”; NYSE: LTHM) under an existing joint development agreement (“JDA”) for the use of Livent’s proprietary LIOVIX® printable lithium formulation in Sakuu’s battery 3D printing process. The LIOVIX® platform includes applications for pre-lithiation and lithium metal anode manufacturing.

In February, Sakuu announced consistent and successful 3D printing of fully functional high-performance patterned batteries. These printed cells used Livent’s LIOVIX® printable lithium formulation in the anode, which enhanced the unique patterning capabilities of Sakuu’s proprietary 3D printing process. Sakuu achieved several notable accomplishments in this period, including the first fully functional 3D printed lithium-metal battery, the first 3D printed patterned lithium-metal anode, and the first 3D printed lithium-metal battery in a custom form factor shape. 

Sakuu’s disruptive Kavian™ platform is engineered for companies to manufacture next-generation batteries, including solid-state chemistries, for commercial-scale production. Additionally, Sakuu's battery technology can be licensed for use in today’s manufacturing equipment, or with the Kavian™ manufacturing platform.

“We are delighted to continue our relationship with Livent and explore how the LIOVIX® formulation can integrate into our novel method of manufacturing next-generation SwiftPrint™ batteries at commercial scale,” said Robert Bagheri, CEO and Founder of Sakuu. “Having access to innovative ingredients from a US-based, globally established lithium supplier enhances our next-gen battery development via 3D printing to deliver ultimate performance, safety, and sustainability. Our Kavian platform is designed to help industries reimagine what a battery can become—starting with how it is made—to unlock commercial-scale manufacturability of solid-state and other performance batteries. Kavian manufacturing is poised to introduce transformative product innovation across industries going electric.”

"The successful application of the LIOVIX® formulation in Sakuu’s next generation batteries and leading-edge manufacturing process shows what is possible through strong collaboration and a shared commitment to advancing innovation in battery development," said Paul Graves, Livent’s President and CEO. "We are excited to build on our partnership with Sakuu to deliver on the promise of pioneering technologies which can improve battery safety, performance, manufacturing efficiency and sustainability.”

About Sakuu

Sakuu is a pioneering additive manufacturing and solid-state battery technology company introducing a disruptive platform approach for the commercial-scale production of next-generation SwiftPrint™ batteries and other complex active devices. Sakuu also intends to license its novel battery technologies to industries. Initial efforts will focus on energy storage, to enable customers using the Kavian™ platform to manufacture an entirely new class of high-performance and safe batteries that can help reduce society’s reliance on fossil fuels. Founded in 2016, Sakuu operates two facilities in Silicon Valley, California, where it is headquartered: a next-generation battery pilot line facility, and an additive manufacturing engineering facility. For more information, visit and follow us on LinkedIn

About Livent

For nearly eight decades, Livent has partnered with its customers to safely and sustainably use lithium to power the world. Livent is one of only a small number of companies with the capability, reputation, and know-how to produce high-quality finished lithium compounds that are helping meet the growing demand for lithium. The company has one of the broadest product portfolios in the industry, powering demand for green energy, modern mobility, the mobile economy, and specialized innovations, including light alloys and lubricants. Livent has a combined workforce of approximately 1,350 full-time, part-time, temporary, and contract employees and operates manufacturing sites in the United States, England, China and Argentina. For more information, visit  

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