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S&P Mobility: Sakuu is expected to set a new standard

“Research from the S&P Global Mobility Supply Chain and Technology team indicates that Sakuu's targeted energy density, achieved through its unique 3D printing technology, is expected to set a new standard in the industry for battery-cell energy density, as illustrated in the chart.”  — S&P Mobility



Srikant Jayanthan, an analyst with S&P’s Mobility practice, recently spoke with Sakuu’s Arwed Niestroj about solid-state batteries for AutoTechInsight. Among the highlights:  

  • Solid-state batteries (SSB) are projected to address most of the technological limitations associated with today’s Li-ion batteries in the EV space.
  • The biggest challenge is manufacturing these batteries cost-effectively at scale.
  • Sakuu’s Kavian platform leverages dry printing technology, which will enable additional battery technology innovation and is a key step in enabling high-quality solid-state batteries to be produced in high volume.
  • This will set a new standard in the industry for key performance indicators, such as battery-cell energy density.

Read the full report here.

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