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UN38.3 completed on Sakuu's li-metal battery

License the most powerful lithium-metal battery to pass UN38.3 certification.

Available for Immediate Licensing for Mass Production

Sakuu is reshaping the landscape of battery manufacturing through comprehensive process and product disruption. By licensing Sakuu's Cypress battery technology, you gain access to lithium-metal batteries with unparalleled energy densities and safety features, making it an ideal choice for a diverse range of applications.



• Volumetric Energy Density: Up to 800 Wh/l

• Gravimetric Energy Density: 270 Wh/kg

• Cycle Life: 800+ 100% DoD to 80% SOH @ 0.3C/1C

• Continuous Discharge: 3C

• Pulse Discharge: 8C

Technology Validation

Sakuu, inventor of the world's first electrodes manufacturing platform offers a full technology transfer package to start production.

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