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WATCH: Behind the Curtain at Sakuu

“With additive manufacturing, the amount of waste or scrap is minimal. This is why I’m so excited about this process to make batteries.”— Sandy Munro

Follow along as the Munro Live team tours Sakuu’s facilities, unveiling innovations in battery manufacturing technologies and 3D printing.  

Munro Live is the popular Youtube channel run by Munro & Associates. CEO Sandy Munro is a widely respected automotive industry veteran and engineering consultant specializing in machine tools and manufacturing, teardown benchmarkings, and reverse engineering. He goes behind the scenes for factory tours featuring groundbreaking technologies like Sakuu’s, and frequently interviews EV industry leaders such as Tesla “Technoking” Elon Musk and Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe. 

Sandy is an expert at his craft, unafraid to dive deep into the tech to help viewers understand the innovations that have made Sakuu a trailblazer in additive manufacturing and battery chemistry. 

In this video, Sandy and Arwed Niestroj – SVP of E-mobility and product at Sakuu – talk about the advantages of 3D printing technology for commercial-scale battery cell production with Sakuu’s Kavian™  platform, which can print several materials, using different processes, all on one device. This unique technology has enabled an entirely dry process for battery manufacturing, a benefit that offers all sorts of cost, safety, and efficiency improvements. 

Sandy and Arwed also closely examine Sakuu’s Cypress™ Li-Metal battery chemistry in action, and discuss how next-gen battery design and production unlocks next-gen electric vehicle design and production. 


Watch the video here. 



0:26 intro

2:55 lithium-metal battery chemistry 

7:15 key advantages to additive manufacturing for batteries

8:12 powdered material demo

9:25 Kavian 3D additive manufacturing platform

17:50: avoiding waste and scrap

21:55: cypress battery production (original process)

28:16 dry room tour and battery assembly

33:05 3d printed anode and cathode

36:55: 3d printed cell

40:06 wrap up


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