Combating Climate Change with Radical Innovation

We provide better alternatives to fossil fuels through radical innovation in the realms we know best: battery technology and additive manufacturing. The progressive union of the two—next generation batteries rapidly printed from the Kavian™ platform—is a world’s first feat that pioneers sustainable battery manufacturing at scale. As the world goes electric, Sakuu forges a better way forward.

Committed to the Planet.

“Our promise is to make the planet healthier. We’re doing this by pioneering transformational renewable energy solutions made for mass adoption.ˮ

Robert Bagheri
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Sustainable by Process and Product

How we’re making a difference 

Sustainable and Efficient Manufacturing

The Kavian™ platform reinvents how batteries are made. Through futuristic and proprietary additive manufacturing printing processes, Kavian™ streamlines at-scale manufacturing. Less raw material and energy is used, for maximum production and process efficiencies. 

Cleaner Batteries for a Healthier Planet

Cleaner batteries start with less material needs and end with recycling. Batteries produced by Kavian will use less material. At the lifecycle's end, most cell material can be recycled and reused to make new batteries.


Smashing the Supply Chain with Localized Production

The Kavian™ platform uses dry powdered material that drastically shortens component lead times. Gigafactory production is often localized and customized, shortening the supply chain. Finally, cell-to-client product integration is often on-site, further truncating the process journey.

Batteries Made to be Remade

Raw Material Extraction
Material Processing
Kavian Manufacturing Platform
Battery Distribution
Battery Implementation
Battery Recycling

High Recyclability

Batteries that can be remade into new batteries is our ultimate goal. By nature of our manufactruing process, there is less raw material in each cell, and high final recyclability of that material. We will transparently push to achieve our goal of 100% recyclability. 

Focused company goal of total battery recylability. 

Ceramic and metals are easily recycled by conventional methods.

Less post-life material to recycle due to proprietary battery structure and chemistry.

Reduced Size

Compared to leading Li-ion batteries, Sakuu’s Swift Print™ cells are 30% smaller and 40% lighter on average—with twice the energy density. The result: less raw material to use, fewer batteries to produce, and less material to recycle. 

Significant reduction in material use to reach equivalent energy density.

30% reduction in total battery cell size.

Smaller cell size reduces material demand and mitigates material recylcing. 

Minimal Hazardous Waste

Lithium-ion batteries typically fail to get fully recycled. Those that do are toxically smelted in energy intensive and inefficient material recovery processes. Sakuu’s Swift Print™ batteries have less toxic materials in the chemistry and manufacturing. 

Powder-to-Powder™ system cuts waste by recycling and reusing the end-of-life battery into new cells via Kavian™ printing.

Efficient material recovery process both during printing and at end-of-life recycling.    

Reduction of toxic polymers due to proprietary cell chemistry and Kavian printing efficiencies.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

Sakuu pioneered Swift Print™ batteries by avoiding the limitations of traditional 3D printing. Batteries can now be printed in a rapid and high-volume manner, which translates to gross reductions in emissions and material savings, with inherent supply chain reductions.

Gigafactories designed around localized and efficient Kavian additve manufacturing platforms.

Harnessing the true power of 3D printing. High volume and rapid battery cell production arrives. 

Significant reduction in material use to reach equivalent energy density.